Introduction to Animation

20 Mar

This seemed like a good topic for my first real entry: My very first attempt at stop-motion animation. (Or, at least the earliest instance I could find.) I was going through some old VHS home movies and found this:


I can’t be sure of when it was made, but I assume around the mid-90s. It looks like I taped over one of my Star Wars fan fiction videos in which I cast my collection of Kenner’s Power of the Force action figures (released in 1995.)

I do remember animating this, though. I was in my mom’s basement workroom, set up on a table beside her as she was no doubt working on one of her many, many crafts that she has painted, sewn, sculpted, built, beaded and brought to life throughout her career as a craft artist. So, with all this artistic material around me (Sculpey clay, fake flies, rubber stamps, blocks of wood, googly eyes, everything and anything) I was inspired to cast a head out of clay and use my dad’s video camera (which at the time was about as big as a suitcase) to record the character’s actions. I have no idea how I got the idea to record a very short clip of video and adjust the character in between frames in order to create animation. I wouldn’t even know that the process was called “stop-motion” or”stop-action” for years to come. I honestly don’t remember where I learned the method, whether it was something that dawned on me or something I saw on Reading Rainbow, or something a friend or relative taught me, don’t know… But, I hope that I have improved somewhat in my skill since this early attempt.



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