Jam Roll Studios

19 Jul

The length of time that has passed since my last post here is just astounding… Much has changed in the past two years. I hope to continue my documentation of projects I’m involved in here and I’ll try to make more frequent updates. There’s no shortage of recent projects that I could post about but I’ll start with one big recent development: The formation of Jam Roll Studios!

I join two very talented people – Matt Davidson (of Ibish Comedy and Hot Metal Arts Collective) and Jordan Hammill (of Wizard TV fame and champion of Allegheny College’s 2005 Jalapeno Pepper Eating Contest) – to bring you the best mix of thoughtful, independent filmmaking and dumb internet videos. Our premiere comedy short, Pizzaspotting, was featured on national television a few days after its release!


We also announced an upcoming Jam Roll Studios project entitled YEAR OF THE BEARD which you will really want to keep an eye on because I think it will be amazing. Enjoy our awesome teaser art created by the great Lizzee Solomon Studios!


Speaking of amazing, another in-progress Jam Roll Studios project is a video collaboration with the RPG-inspired metal band Dethlehem! More info on that to come soon.


Thanks for hanging on and hope all’s well with all of you out there in internet land.




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