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Marvel/Hasbro 75th Anniversary Variant Covers

28 Aug

Today was a pretty cool day! A few of the variant comic book covers I worked on that were previewed at this year’s San Diego Comic Con were released officially online here here and here!

All-New-X-Men-33-Hasbro-Variant-656a1  avengers-hasbro-variant-105672

The reaction was pretty much completely positive and I can’t wait to walk into the comic shops around town in October and see something that I had a hand in creating right there on the shelves.

Captain-America-25-Hasbro-Variant-86c0b  Deathlok_1_Hasbro_Variant

I produced ten covers in all, photographing Hasbro’s action figures from their 6″ and 3 3/4″ lines and superimposing them into the positions featured on classic Marvel comic book covers. I had a lot of fun with each of them but my favorites are the Guardians of the Galaxy team cover, the X-Men #1 recreation and the one with Red Skull holding the Cosmic Cube.

Uncanny_XMen_27_Hasbro_Variant  Legendary_StarLord_4_Hasbro_Variant  avengers-hasbro-variant-105671


Marvel: What The–?! Iron Man 3

12 May

The 27th (yikes!) episode of Marvel Super Heroes: What The–?! was released last week to line up with the theatrical release of Iron Man 3. The talents of Todd Casey, Ben Morse and Jesse Falcon were joined by comedian and actor Colton Dunn who voiced War Machine for this episode!


I’m really proud of the facial expressions I got out of the James “Rhodey” Rhodes and Tony Stark figures in the first scene, but they only work so well in conjunction with such great voiceover talent. I originally wanted the final “forgiveness” scene to feature the characters’ maskless faces, just to make it feel more sentimental, but I ran out of time…. I also had a much more elaborate Hulk-smashing sequence in mind as Hulk slams War Machine into all those surrounding villains in different ways but, again, ran outta time…. Still a great episode in the end, though, I think!

I also loved Iron Man 3 but this scene from Iron Man 2 is still my all-time favorite scene from any Marvel movie:

Marvel: What The–?! Age of Ultron

8 Apr

Here is the newest episode of Marvel Super Heroes: What The–?! featuring a standoff between the Avengers and the robotic menace, Ultron!


Everyone involved brought their A-game to this one and I’m really proud of how it turned out. Todd Casey’s script was fantastic and funny and Jesse Falcon’s voicework had perfect comedic timing and energy (He voiced every character except for the female computer voice, provided by Lisa Shields.) Ben Morse, aside from producing the episode and putting it all out there on Marvel.com had the great idea to use an old-school dial-up noise for Ultron’s upgrading which was a fan-fave gag on YouTube. Additionally, I feel like the character animation was a lot tighter and more lively than usual. I especially like how the Mjolnir-throwing sequence and Ultron’s glowing mouth and eyes portion looked in the end.

I also animated two figures in this episode that I never have before: The Heroic Age Iron Man figure and Ultron from Marvel Select. I liked the Heroic Age Iron Man because the design is very much like the Marvel Studios Iron Man suit from the movies. But the Marvel Select Ultron figure was awesome to work with: The reflective, metallic paint looked great under the right lighting and the ball-joined torso, arms and hips really helped me bring out the humor in his body language, especially for that shot where Ultron has that defeated, slumped-over sighing position. His hands are also sculpted in such a great, maniacal-threat-spouting gesture that really helped give Ultron a more theatrical feel in this, I think.