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Universal Monsters / Aliens

26 Feb

This past fall, I had two super fun animation projects with Diamond Select Toys: Universal Monsters and Aliens!

Universal Monsters was my first time working with a 7″ scale toy line for Diamond Select and although I love the simple coolness and unique design of MiniMates, I really enjoyed being able to play with the texture and lighting on the detailed sculpts of this line’s toys. Not to mention, I’ve been a big Universal Monsters fan most of my life, so this whole project was one of the highlights of my year. I focused a lot on the set design as well, watching all the classic original films for reference. I’m pretty proud of the custom doors I built and painted in the opening shot, the Metaluna Mutant’s space-y/science-y living room and the expressions I got out of DST’s original UM figure, Van Helsing. I’m glad to hear from this month’s New York Toy Fair that this line is continuing with new toys!

And another highlight of 2014 would definitely be this Aliens short where I was able to play with MiniMate-d versions of the Xenomorphs from Aliens as they attack some unsuspecting soldiers and Paul Reiser. Super fun, and I hope maybe I can return to the Alien franchise someday for a longer video.


Minimates MAX

16 Apr

A little more than a year ago, I became involved with Diamond Select Toys thanks to their Marketing Supervisor and my former ToyFare colleague, Zach Oat. The task: Bring their line of block-styled 2″ tall Minimates to life in stop-motion animated shorts! I think the work I’ve done with Zach and DST has been some of my best-looking stuff in terms of set design, action scenes, lighting and visual effects. Here are two of the first shorts, both written by Zach, that I animated based on the Minimates MAX toy line. Insider easter egg: Episode 2’s Mount Purdin was named after DC Comics Associate Editor and solid dude, Rickey Purdin!